My name is Anna Ivanenko, and I am an illustrator based in Kyiv, Ukraine. 
I have been drawing all my life and since 2013, I made it my career. I mostly collaborate with media but also draw for books and advertising projects. Between 2015-2021, I have also been a curator of an illustration course at Projector design school in Kyiv.
In 2015, my partner Jenya Polosina and I co-founded the Seri\graph studio. Together we make comics, zines, and different visual projects.
If you are interested in commissions, work inquiries, licensing, or collaboration, please feel free to contact me!
There is a war in my home today, and many of my current illustrations are about this.
So at the top of my website, you can find a link with info on how to help Ukraine in the war with Russia.

New Yorker, The Foreign Policy, The Globe and Mail, Deutsche Welle, Forbes, UN FPA, STRAPAZIN, Projector school of design, Silpo, Intertop, The Village, International Convention Center "Ukrainian House",  Old Lion Publishing, etc.

Awards and recognition:
2017 – "UN women" comic contest, Anna Ivanenko, winner of first place
2020 – "IJungle" illustration award, best commercial illustration on ""
2020 – "IJungle" illustration award, shortlist book illustration 
2020 – "Best book design", Book Arsenal, best children's book "Reactors don't explode"
2021 – "Fumetto comics competition" Lucern Gallery,  long list
2021 – "The White Ravens 2021" for the book on "Reactors don't explode".
A Selection of International Children'
s and Youth Literature.
International Jugendbibliothek, Munich, Germany.
2022 - "Bologna children book fair", illustration exhibition, shortlisted for "City is me".